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Welcome to the VMworld 2015 Content Catalog

VMworld 2015 session information is provided below. To refine your session search, please use the filters on the left. Click here to see a complete listing of available tracks and related descriptions.

CNA4590 - Container Orchestration with the SDDC Containers are emerging as a critical tool for both developers and infrastructure admins and it is been proposed the technology means new infrastructure no longer needs virtualization. This session will demonstrate the synergies of the SDDC and container technologies. Aaron Blasius - Group Product Manager, VMware Inc.
Program Location: Europe and US
CTO6452 - Policy Unification: Enabling Policy Driven Automation of the SDDC Policy-based management has always been the ultimate goal for IT, but this was impractical due to the number of idiosyncratic services with which solutions would have to integrate and the treadmill of tracking updates to these services. The software defined data center has begun to provide the necessary abstractions to make building a policy layer practical. Realizing this vision is further complicated by the fact that individual products tend to focus on specific policy domains, largely in isolation from one another. These products recognize the value of a policy driven approach to management and have implemented valuable policy support, but because these capabilities were developed in isolation, using them is confusing to customers who have to learn to use significantly different policy mechanisms and then must ensure that everything works together using a largely manual process. In this session, we present a strategy to provide customers with a simple, consistent, unified way to use these policy capabilities, as well as provide a platform on which VMware and its partners can continue to build out complete, unified policy based management solutions. Greg Burk, VMware
Program Location: Europe and US
ELW-HBD-1684 - VMware vCloud Air Disaster Recovery This Expert-led Workshop will guide participants through VMware's vCloud Air Disaster Recovery to the Cloud service. We will discuss the architecture of the service, perform test and planned failover & failback operations and discuss some advanced options of utilizing this service. This is your opportunity to ask the Experts how this Solution would be relevant in your environment. The self-paced version of this lab, SPL-HBD-1684, is available anytime the Hands-on Labs are open. Program Location: US
ELW-SDC-1602 - vSphere with Operations Management 6: Advanced Topics In this Expert-led Workshop, you will learn about the more complex features and functions of vSphere with Operations Management including vSphere, vCenter and vRealize Operations Manager. In this Workshop, you will have access to the Product Experts and is your opportunity to ask questions relevant to your environment. The Self-Paced version of this lab, SPL-SDC-1602, is available anytime the Hands-on Labs are open. Program Location: US
ELW-SDC-1610 - vSphere with Operations Management 6: Virtualization 101 In this Expert-led Workshop, you learn about the core features and functions of vSphere, vCenter and vRealize Operations. This is an excellent workshop for beginners to virtualization. In this Workshop, you will have access to the Product Experts and is your opportunity to ask questions relevant to your environment. The Self-Paced version of this lab, SPL-SDC-1610, is available anytime the Hands-on Labs are open. Program Location: US
ELW-SDC-1621 - vRealize Automation 101: Application and Infrastructure Delivery and DevOps with Code Stream In this Expert-led Workshop, you will learn how to use vRealize Automation to rapidly automate the deployment and management of a variety of IT services and applications. In this Workshop, you will have access to the Product Experts and is your opportunity to ask questions relevant to your environment. The Self-Paced version of this lab, SPL-SDC-1621, is available anytime the Hands-on Labs are open. Program Location: US
ELW-SDC-1632 - vRealize Automation Advanced: Integration and Extensibility This expert led workshop will cover Advanced vRealize Automation topics, focusing on�IaaS�lifecycle extensibility. �We will review the workflow stub architecture in detail, and explore how vRealize Orchestrator and its plugins are used to implement a wide variety of?�integrations.? In this Workshop, you will have access to the Product Experts and is your opportunity to ask questions relevant to your environment. The Self-Paced version of this lab, SPL-SDC-1632, is available anytime the Hands-on Labs are open. Program Location: US
HBC6546-QT - How to Get Started with VMware vCloud Air: Five Options to Deliver Business Value Companies of all sizes and industries are finding value with vCloud Air, a public cloud platform, built on the trusted foundation of vSphere and compatible with your on-premises data center. Come learn how customers just like you are are taking advantage of vCloud Air to integrate a hybrid cloud strategy into their IT operations, starting out with 5 common use cases. In this vCloud Air Quick Talk, you will walk away with a clear direction on how to add value to your organization, leveraging the vCloud Air portfolio. Angelos Kottas - Senior Director, Product Marketing, VMware
Program Location: Europe and US
HBC6565-GD - DevOps with vCloud Air with Bob Webster and Ashok Aletty Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices. Bob Webster - Technical Marketing Manager, VMWare
Ashok Aletty, VMWare
Program Location: US
INF6250-SPO - Beyond Cloud Backup: Enabling Disaster Recovery and Workload Portability Is backup TO the cloud really just a tape replacement? Is backup IN the cloud (protecting applications running in the cloud today) really necessary since you’re replicating data multiple times already? In this session, we’ll answer all of these questions, and talk about why cloud backup isn’t just a feature you “turn on” – it’s a game changer for your infrastructure. We’ll discuss some of the pitfalls of backup to the cloud and why the value is actually in recovery in the cloud, not backup. We’ll talk about why replication of cloud-based workloads alone can leave your data (and your job) unprotected and how to solve this problem. And we’ll talk about ways to protect critical data running in SaaS platforms for recovery or compliance use cases. Donald Foster - Sr. Director of Product Management, Office of the CTO, CommVault
Luke Walker - Sr. Technical Product Manager, Commvault
Program Location: Europe and US
INF6394 - Vsphere lifecycle with Brian Graf and Salil Suri Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices. Brian Graf - Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware
Salil Suri - Senior Product Manager, VMware
Program Location: US
INF6399-QT - vSphere Partner Ecosystem 6.X vSphere is the SDDC platform and partnerhips are critical way to increase vSphere value-add by integrating with solutions that we would not build internally and giving our customers an open platform and choice. �We are announcing three new partnership programs for vSphere 6.X in the areas of SDDC Management, Big Data, and Openstack: � (1) We are taking web client plug-in to the next level with a new partner management program to provide certified VMware-ready plug-ins as well as a new Web plug-in Marketplace � (2) Big Data is now moving from R&D to production, but Big Data deployments still move at the speed of IT rather than speed of business. �Together with our key partners, we have put together a new Agile Big Data Platform that�s an industry paradigm shift (3) Finally, we will focus in on a partner solution �that puts �open� in Openstack� and delivers on our vision for Openstack. �This session will give an overview of our new vSphere partner programs in these three areas. Esteban Torres - Director, Business Development, VMware
Program Location: US
MGT4571 - Customizing VRealize Operations to Align with Business Unit Needs Use-cases and methods employed to provide improved application / infrastructure visibility to Business Units (BUs/Customers) with a focus on reducing both Operational and Capital Expenses. Examples include creating a custom dashboard for a single pane of glass view for validating BU requests for VM server configuration changes (adding vCPUs/vRAM/Disk Space). This customization reduces the time to evaluate incoming requests and improves the accuracy of the final decision. Other use cases include creating custom weekly reports (or alerts) to the BUs based on specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are of most concern to the specific Business Units. Improved BU infrastructure visibility increases agility and BU CSAT with a higher level of confidence that they understand and can predict infrastructure needs. vRealize Operations also come with extensibility through management packs for application level visibility with Management Packs like Oracle OEM, SCOM, EMC and Cisco UCS. The session will wrap up with methods used to automate BU groups via Tags / filters. Monica Sharma - Group Product Line Manager, VMware
Carl Olafson - Staff Technical Account Manager, VMware
Program Location: US
MGT4615 - Application Aware Operations for the Software-Defined Data Center Learn what compelling real-world operations problems you can solve with a combination of vRealize Operations and End Point Operations. We will demo solving day to day problems across the virtual and SDDC environments for operations and infrastructure teams. Learn about vRealize deployment capabilities for multi-data center enterprise wide deployments and see integrated End Point Operations in action, with enhancements in reporting, high availability and other areas of the platform. You will leave with actionable insights that you can apply to your deployment of vRealize Operations to manage vSphere and cloud environments.  Zubair Ansari - Product Line Manager, VMWare
Eran Carmel, VMware
Program Location: Europe and US
MGT6522-QT - Enabling the Emerging World of DevOps and Containers Everyone talks about how DevOps will change the way IT interacts with development teams. New processes and new technologies are redefining roles and responsibilities, often in confusing ways. Where decisions are made and budget is spent is shifting. This session will look at the fast growing adoption of DevOps as well as the benefits and challenges of container technologies from Docker, Kubernetes and Mesos. It will explore how the principles and technologies you use today to manage your current infrastructure can be extended to enable DevOps processes. Most importantly, it will demonstrate what IT can do to be seen by developers, not as an obstacle to agility, but as a partner in accelerating application delivery and business value. Christian Paulus - Director Product Marketing, VMware, Inc.
Program Location: US
NET6320-SPO - Make the data center of tomorrow a reality today: VMware and F5 combine forces in the SDDC to orchestrate Advanced Networking Services for your Horiz The data center of the future will deliver greater agility, lower costs, hardened security, higher performance, and better reliability. Why wait for the future when this is reality today? VMware and F5 are in collaboration to ensure that in this new era of software-defined everything, your apps are able to dynamically and automatically leverage the necessary network services to function at peak performance. In this session we’ll demonstrate how this works and share practical architectural guidance on how to get started today. Imagine being able to orchestrate a real enterprise application from network and application provisioning to desktop deployment with remote access and micro segmented security. We will showcase VMware’s NSX and vRealize Orchestrator working together with F5 to orchestrate the provisioning, remote access, and micro segmentation of a Horizon environment. Paul Pindell - Sr. Solution Architect, F5 Networks
Program Location: US
NET6609-GD - OpenStack on vSphere This session is a group discussion on OpenStack Neutron's Network Virtualization capabilities with default NSX Plugin. Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices. sai Chaitanya - Product Manager, vmware
Program Location:
NET6611-GD - Micro-Segmentation for Healthcare Group Discussions are a good way to join together with peers, guided by a VMware expert, and discuss a VMware key topic as selected by the group. Come to this session prepared to dive-in, engage, and share best practices. Geoffrey Huang - Director, VMware
Program Location: US
NET6616-QT - Creating the SDDC for Healthcare - Mike Feld
Program Location: US
SDDC4595 - Ask the Expert Industry Titans Back for it's 8th year at VMworld, Ask the Experts is back with an awesome panel of the industries top experts. In this session there are no powerpoints, no sales pitches and no rules! Experts in the industry are here to answer your questions while having some fun in the process. Bring your topic, anything from Software-Defined Data Center, to End-User Computing to Hybrid Cloud... Storage, Networking, Security. No questions are off limits. Kit Colbert - VP & CTO, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware
Rick Scherer - Field CTO, EMC
Nicholas Weaver - Director, SDI-X, Intel
Vaughn Stewart - Chief Strategist, Pure Storage
Chad Sakac - President Global Systems Engineering, EMC
Program Location: US
SDDC6255-SPO - Steps to SDDC: Architectural Trends, Pitfalls and Opportunities Today enterprises are stretched to the breaking point trying to deliver an increasing number of business capabilities with only an average 2% annual budget increases. Intel and VMware have a common vision and have collaborated on SDDC solutions, including virtualized compute, networking, and storage to help enterprises overcome these challenges through dramatic improvements to agility and efficiency. This session will detail how enterprise leaders have created strategic roadmaps and implemented SDDC. It will answer questions including: What to do 1st, On-Demand Self-Service or Resource Pooling? How to jump start a cloud strategy and maturity level. What are the potential hazards to be managed? Attendees will leave the session with concepts that they can utilize to optimize their own SDDC journey. Sunil Jain - DCG Virtualization Marketing Manager, Intel Corp
Gerald Seaman - DCG Cloud Marketing Manager, Intel
Program Location: US
SDDC6281-SPO - Veeam Availability Suite v9 Deep Dive Join us for a deep dive into Veeam® Availability Suite™ v9. Anton Gostev (@Gostev) and Doug Hazelman (@VMDoug) will introduce v9’s new features and enhancements designed to enable the Always-ON™ Business with Availability for the Modern Data Center™. Don’t miss this breakout to learn about Veeam’s new integration with EMC VNX or VNXe storage snapshots as well as how Veeam Cloud Connect will enable seamless cloud-based DR. Stick around to learn more about numerous enhancements around primary and secondary storage integration, major additions to our Veeam Explorers™ line, new enterprise-focused functionality, and finally – be the first to hear about three top secret v9 features representing the latest Veeam innovations! Each attendee will receive an 8GB USB stick including Veeam Backup™ Free Edition, Veeam ONE™ Free Edition, Veeam Endpoint Backup™ FREE and key product documentation. Anton Gostev - VP Product Management, Veeam Software
Doug Hazelman - VP Product Stategy, Veeam Software
Program Location: Europe and US
SDDC6402-BC - Software-Defined Data Center: Hands on with the Experts VMware will teach a 1 day rapid fire bootcamp session covering the Best Practices of SDDC and view into components Virtual Networking, Virtual Storage, Virtualizing Applications, the creation of Service Catalogs, Automation and Cloud Native Apps (CNA). Students will have an opportunity to take several hands-on-labs to help with their skills in these areas. This day will give you the in-depth experience with Solution Engineering and the technology to drive solutions into your SDDC. PLEASE NOTE: If you are staying in San Francisco, Shuttle service will be provided to and from Palo Alto for this workshop. Alka Gupta - Architect, VMware
Brent Badger, VMware
Brian LaRose, VMWare
Ibrahim Mohamed, VMware
Program Location: US
SDDC6541-SPO - Workload Consolidation- From Silos to the Software Defined Data Center Storage has become an anchor on the ship of progress in the modern, virtualized data center. Up until recently it has been slow, unpredictable, inflexible, and requires far too much operational overhead. Showing its age, storage is still sized, deployed, and managed using methods created in the 1980s. Worst of all, storage capacity and performance are often still locked together in fixed ratios, making it inevitable that even the best-run storage environment will be wasteful and inefficient. It doesn’t have to be this way. The technology and know-how exists to have storage that is a predictable, flexible, and easily managed part of an overall virtualized platform, designed to provide the performance and availability that today’s end user workloads demand. Join us as we examine a year-in-the-life of an enterprise data center. We’ll show how migrating workloads onto a single platform can be the crucial missing step as VMware customers transition from legacy architecture into a Software Defined Data Center (SDDC). Jeramiah Dooley - Principal Architect, SolidFire
Josh Atwell - Cloud Architect, SolidFire
Program Location: US
SEC6224-SPO - Data Center in Transition - A Journey to a Secure Hybrid Data Center Today, the boundaries for an IT organization’s environment continue to be redefined by adoption of private clouds and hybrid deployments on public infrastructure. Successfully moving to the software-defined data center offers reduced cost with simpler management and demand-driven, any-place accessibility. At the same time, IT struggles to deal with today’s increase in security threats and heightened risk. Fortunately, software-defined infrastructure brings along a transformation of security controls: built-in rather than bolted on - ensuring better protection than perimeter-oriented enforcement. Together, VMware with Intel Security accelerate secure adoption of virtualized SDDC by uniting the technologies for business agility with those providing trust and compliance. This session provides insight into the security technology foundation for virtualized, hybrid data center, examining real world challenges customers face in transition. What critical security capability is enabled by the hybrid data center? How can optimized security policies and management support a shared security model for cloud deployment of critical applications? How does this unify diverse enforcement, sharing virtual micro segmentation? Come see how VMware and Intel Security are collaborating to provide better security than ever, through the virtualized data center. Jeremiah Cornelius - Security Architect, VMware
Ben Andrew - Strategic Product Management Lead, Intel Security
Program Location: Europe and US
SEC6318-SPO - Trusted Security in the Software Defined Data Center: Real-World Use Cases Across VMware Platforms We know by now that the Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) automates provisioning and massively reduces time-to-market for applications and services. However, many organizations are still relying on legacy physical server security to protect their SDDC. When securing your virtualized and cloud environments it is imperative that you incorporate a multi-vector security architecture that include anti-malware, IDS/IPS, firewall, integrity monitoring and log inspection to maximize protection against the next big attack. In this session, you will hear proven security practices from a cross-section of industry professionals from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Essilor and FireHost. The panel will provide insight into how they protect their virtualized servers, VDI desktops and cloud environments, all through one security platform. In addition, you will learn how to extend the benefits of VMware NSX micro-segmentation with advanced security controls that enable elastic protection throughout the life-cycle of a VM. Ben McCormack - Director, FireHost
Tanweer Surve - Director, IT End User Services, ESSILOR
Thomas Cifrino Jr - Technology Manager, Beth Israel Deaconess Care Organization
Bill McGee - SVP & General Manager, Cloud and Data Center Strategy, Trend Micro
Program Location: US
SPL-HBD-1681 - VMware vCloud® Air™ - Jump Start for vSphere Admins What Is VMware vCloud Air? vCloud Air is a public cloud platform built on the trusted foundation of vSphere, compatible with your on-premises data center, that includes infrastructure, disaster recovery, and various applications as service offerings. vCloud Air allows you to extend your workloads into the cloud with ease. You can migrate existing onsite virtual machines (VMs) to the public cloud or start up new application VM’s directly in the cloud. You can easily port VM’s and other business-critical workloads back and forth to the location of your choice, all with the secure and capable foundation of vSphere.Captains:  Cleavon Roberts, Jodi Shely, Patrick Mahoney Program Location: US
SPL-MBL-1651 - Advanced Technical Concepts of Horizon 6 from A to Z. You will gain an in-depth understanding of Horizon 6 Features and Functionality, focusing on newer features and technical details on integration with products such as VMware App Volumes (AppStack Creation and Deployment) and VMware User Environment Manager (Setup/Config). Program Location: US
SPL-MBL-1655 - Introducing Flexible Desktop Management for the Mobile User with VMware Horizon FLEX This lab will provide an understanding on how VMware Horizon FLEX can help I.T. manage security while allowing the convenience of BYO and temporary mobile users. Program Location: US
SPL-PRT-1674 - Dell Storage presents Virtual Volumes, vSphere Metro Stretched Cluster and more Learn how to easy it is to configure a Highly Available Dell Storage solution in a vSphere Metro Cluster configuration and witness Live Volume Auto-Failover technology in action. Get hands on with EqualLogic�s full featured Virtual Volumes lab and understand what all the excitement is about. See the ease of hardware manageability that FX2 CMC provides for vison. Captains: David Glynn, Jason Bouche, Darin Schmitz Program Location: US
SPL-SDC-1604 - vSphere Performance Optimization. This Lab covers vSphere performance best practices and various performance related features available in vSphere 6. You will work with a broad array of solutions and tools, including VMware Labs "Flings" and esxtop to gauge and diagnose performance in a vSphere Environment. Program Location: US
SPL-SDC-1606 - Cloud 101 - Deliver your Infrastructure as a Service This introductory lab demonstrates the first steps in the journey to a Software Defined Enterprise by implementing all components of vCloud Suite Standard, which focuses on the core features and functions of vSphere, vCenter, vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Automation. This is an excellent place to begin your Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) experience by moving from the world of traditional templates to blueprints that enable automated infrastructure delivery. Captains: Andrew Murphy, Kelly Montgomery, Danny Farber Program Location: US
SPL-SDC-1620 - OpenStack with VMware vSphere and NSX. VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) is a VMware supported OpenStack distribution prepared to run on top of an existing VMware infrastructure. VIO will empower any VMware Administrator to easily deliver and operate an Enterprise production grade OpenStack cloud on VMware components. This means that you will be able at to take advantage of all VMware vSphere great features like HA, DRS or VSAN for your OpenStack cloud and also extend and integrate it with other VMware management components like vRealize Operations and vRealize Log Insight. In this Hands-On-Lab we provide you with an introduction to VIO, demonstrate how it integrates with NSX and vRealize Operations and let you take the reigns in building out virtual networks with micro-segmentation while providing granular visibility and reporting. Captains:  Ed Shmookler, Marcos Hernandez, Jonathan Cham, Hadar Freehling Program Location: US
SPL-SDC-1622 - VMware Development Tools and SDKs This introductory lab will get you started building and automating cloud infrastructure solutions with VMware development tools and SDKs. These are scripter and developer focused modules and some familiarity with programming in Python or Java is expected. But don't worry, no coding is required. Complete sample code has been provided. Captain: Bob Fraser Program Location: US
SPL-SDC-1632 - vRealize Automation Advanced: Integration and Extensibility. This advanced lab will explore out-of-the-box integrations with other vRealize Suite products, and you will learn all about extending the provisioning life-cycle for many common use cases. Using vRealize Orchestrator and its plugins, you will learn how to implement custom host naming and integration with Infoblox and Puppet. You will explore the vRealize Automation API.Captains:  Shawn Kelly, Kimberly Delgado, Jon Schulman, Grant Orchard Program Location: US
STO6262-SPO - 64-node VMware Virtual SAN 6.0 unleashed! All Flash array performance with NVMe/PCIe SSDs As your organization looks to capitalize on hyper-converged storage, you need a virtual SAN solution that scales as data volumes grow. VMware virtual SAN is rapidly changing the way data centers are evolving, offering IT managers and service providers a flexible, agile and efficient platform to rapidly deliver services. Together, Intel and VMware provide the right combination of compute, network and storage to deliver high-performance cost-effective VSAN solutions. Intel solution architects will review the architecture and optimization of a 64 node VSAN for the software defined data center. You will learn how VSAN is transforming the way IT managers are able to deploy cost effective, high performance all-flash storage array This breakout session will explore the best know methods of configuring a tuning an all flash VSAN. Learn how Virtual SAN can now deliver enterprise scalability for mission critical applications. This dual socket Intel® Xeon® processor E5 v3 based system with NVMe PCIe SSD cache tier and all flash SSD data store is presented. Performance results and optimizations will be reviewed based on the latest hardware and VSAN configurations. . Kroger, a leading US grocery and retailer, will share its learnings with VSAN that has brought them increased system agility, and greater service availability. John Hubbard - Datacenter SSD Validation Engineer, Intel
Ken LeTourneau - SSD Storage Solutions Architect, Intel Corporation
Program Location: Europe and US
STO6286-SPO - The right foundation for the adaptable data center In recent years, innovation has driven immense change in data center infrastructure. Flash and disk hybrid storage systems, all-flash systems, converged compute and storage systems, and hyper-converged systems are platforms that are all vying to shape the future datacenter. But which of these are the right choices for the data center today, as well as the data center of the future? This session will present use cases for each of these various platforms, and discuss their tradeoffs. In particular, the session will focus on the foundation for the adaptable data center - the storage technologies that can serve as the foundation for core data center workloads, while enabling flexibility and agility for the datacenter to adapt to changing business needs. Varun Mehta - VP Engineering, Nimble Storage
Program Location: US
STO6407-BC - vSAN Workshop Software-Defined Storage represents the critical next phase to realize the Software-Defined Data Center vision and journey. VMware Virtual SAN is VMware's Software-Defined Storage approach and solution to managing storage for virtual environments. This Technical Sales Workshop will provide training on how to use Virtual SAN (VSAN) to address the customer's storage pain points around management and provisioning, performance, and costs. Including, i.e., what the product does, benefits, use cases, when and where to position, objection handling. The Workshop will also feature How to Sell VMware Virtual SAN from a Partner perspective, technical deep dive, sizing and design, and troubleshooting. PLEASE NOTE:  If you are staying in San Francisco, Shuttle service will be provided to and from Palo Alto for this workshop. Noel Nguyen - Director of Systems Engineering, VMware
Bo Bolander, VMware
Mostafa Khalil, VMware
Greg Mulholland - VSAN Specialist, VMware
Program Location: US
STO6553-GD - Meet the Virtual Volumes Product Team with Ken Werneburg and Ben Meadowcroft Join us for a Group Discussion with the Virtual Volumes Product Team. Ken Werneburg - Senior Architect - Technical Marketing, VMware
Ben Meadowcroft - Sr. Product Manager, VMware
Program Location: Europe and US
STO6558-QT - 10 Reasons Why VMware Virtual SAN Is the Best Hyperconverged Solution As the hyperconverged space becomes more and more crowded it is hard to differentiate one offering from another. Even though many solutions sound very similar the business and operational benefits can be extremely different. If you are having hard time understanding what are the real differentiators and decisions points you need to take into account when considering one solution over the other this is the session for you. We will touch on everything you need to take into account to make an educated choice. Rafael Kabesa - Product Marketing Manager, VMware
Program Location: Europe and US
STO6596-SPO - Storage on Your Terms: Deep Dive Into Software-Defined Storage Technologies and Use Cases Software-Defined Storage (SDS) means different things to different people, with solutions ranging from do it yourself to full-fledged scale up and scale out architectures, the landscape can seem blurry and confusing. This session aims to eliminate the confusion on what all these terms mean by mapping each style of SDS with a corresponding environment. These solutions include the use of virtual server based solutions, containers, bare metal installs and even hyper-converged. Regardless of vertical or company size, from branch offices through the largest enterprise, the right Software-Defined Storage strategy can put you back in control and help you gain unmatched levels of flexibility, scalability, performance, and cost efficiency. Michael Letschin - Field CTO, Nexenta
Oscar Wahlberg - Director of Product Management, Nexenta
Program Location: US
STP6306 - VMware is Easier with the K2 All-Flash Array Virtual environments give customers the required flexibility and agility, however the underlying storage can be rigid in that sense,forcing customers to spend money on storage resources they do not really need.With the Kaminario K2 all-flash array and its unique scalable architecture, it is possible to grow storage according to exact performance and capacity requirements. Shai Maskit - Senior Product Manager, Kaminario
Program Location:
STP6313 - Using Virtual Data Services for IO Acceleration in vSphere 6. What kinds of virtual data services can plug into vSphere 6 and what would an administrator use them for? How does the Software Defined Storage model for vSphere 6 accommodate virtual data services from third party technology providers? This session takes a close look at how vSphere 6 allows third party virtual data services to be fully integrated with Storage Policy Based Management (SPBM), to safely accelerate IO between VMs and VMDKs. Beginning with a technical discussion of the data service architecture, the presenters will show how the data service can engage host-level solid-state storage to optimize IO performance for both read and write operations for VMDKs stored in a traditional SAN or NAS environment. In addition, the operation of the data service across the vSphere cluster will be presented, to show how it supports vSphere functions such as HA, DRS, vMotion, storage vMotion, etc. The IO acceleration data service will be demonstrated to provide view of the technology from an administrator’s perspective, and the actual impact to virtualized applications will be shown using a variety of performance metrics, including latency, throughput, IOPS, etc. Serge Shats - Engineering fellow, SanDisk
Program Location:
STP6628 - Hybrid IT- Moving Workloads to the Cloud without the headaches Moving workloads to the cloud presents many challenges for the enterprise--maintaining agility, infrastructure management hurdles, and unexpected costs. Often hampered by single-solution providers, the technical and network challenges can quickly mount, causing delays, headaches, and financial overruns. In this session we will discuss the challenges every enterprise should be aware of when moving workloads to the cloud, and how to achieve speed, agility, reliability & security, and reduced TCO with your hybrid cloud environment Michael Joffe - Director Product Marketing, CenturyLink
Program Location:
TAM6457 - TAM DAY: Cloud-Native Apps @ VMware: Making the Developer a First-Class User of the Datacenter In this dynamic session learn about Cloud-Native Apps @ VMware find out how you can transform the developer into a first-class user of the datacenter. Kit Colbert - VP & CTO, Cloud-Native Apps, VMware
Program Location: Europe and US
TAM6464 - TAM DAY:- Operationalizing vR Ops In this session hear from experts on how to operationalize vR Ops for enterprise wide deployment, large scale deployment and lifecycle management. Program Location: Europe
TAM6539 - TAM Day Closing Session. . Program Location: Europe
VAPP4588 - Virtualizing Big Data – Customer Panel Learn about virtualizing Hadoop through a panel of customers who have experienced it themselves. Hear firsthand from panelists about how to do it, including tips and pitfalls to watch out for. Asks questions and hear candid responses about customer experiences with virtualizing Hadoop. Justin Murray - Senior Technical Marketing Manager, VMware
Martin Yip - Senior Product Marketing Manager, VMware
Chris Mutchler - Virtual Infrastructure Architect, VMware
Jairam Ranganathan - Senior Director of Product, Cloudera
Program Location: US
VAPP6433-GD - vNUMA & SQL Server with Rob Girard and Shawn Meyers There's more to NUMA than physical boundaries in your server hardware. This session will dive deep into pNUMA & vNUMA settings within vSphere, Windows & SQL Server to aid you in getting the settings right to maximize performance. Rob Girard - Technical Marketing Engineer, Tintri
Shawn Meyers - Principle Architect, House of Brick
Program Location: Europe and US
VAPP6440-QT - Virtualized Business Critical Applications and Databases Virtualized Infrastructure being used as the platform for Business Critical Applications (BCA) and databases has been a viable option since the introduction of vSphere 4. Since that time, the proposition has become more compelling as the capabilities of vSphere in terms of both resource allocation and the plethora of features that allow customers to meet the requirements of their varied Service Level Agreements (SLAs) have been enhanced. vSphere 6 is capable of extending a single virtual machine to 128 vCPUs and 4TB memory which leads to the inevitable conclusion that nearly every application implementation no matter how critical or imposing is a viable candidate for virtualized infrastructure. The idea that "No Application to be Left Behind" is no longer simply a slogan, it is reality. In this session, Nathan Biggs, CEO of House of Brick and Don Sullivan from VMware will discuss the history and present state of Business Critical Applications on vSphere. They will also preview the categories of sessions related to BCA which will be delivered through VMworld 2015. Nathan Biggs - CEO, House of Brick Technologies
Don Sullivan - Product Line Marketing Manager for Business Critical Applications, Vmware
Program Location: Europe and US
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